Pedigree of:

Calais & Carolina Camoflage
Blue M

Ch Carolina Bayshore Birdcage DNA-CP
Red Merle C/W

E86915 DL67602202

Ch Bayshore Propwash Balderdash DNA-CP
Black C/W

E69846 DL49412903

Ch Propwash Manape Ghostrider
E53124 DL44364201

Ch Propwash Phantom of the Sky

Ch Propwash Boomerang Tangrey

Ch Bayshore Propwash Lalapalooza
E25996 DL41355302

Ch Arrogance of Heatherhill CD STDd

Ch Bayshores MI La May

Ch Bayshores Bye Bye Birdie
Red Merle C/W

E36984 DL40725501

Ch Brigadoons California Dude CD STDs
E19007 DL41104601

Ch Brigadoons One Arrogant Dude

Ch Windswept of Windermere CD

Ch Bayshores French Toast CD
E22783 DL41391901

Ch Misty Morns Rackateer CD STDcs OTDd

Winterhavens Blue Dream

Ch Lyrics Too Darn Hot
Black C/W

E101067 DL77829605

Ch Terra-Blue Just Too Hot DNA-CP
Black C/W

E58173 DL42182102

Ch Agua Dulce Final Option DNA-CP
E25864 DL41353801

Ch Winchesters Rollin Rapids

Ch Country Hotline of Agua Dulce CDX

Hearthside Just My Style
E35277 DL41903201

Ch Propwash Free Style

Ch Brightwoods Society Page

Ch Sereds Lady Day CDX
Blue C/W

E62759 DL49974504

Ch Carolinas Oliver Twist CD
E24859 DL40113301

Ch Briarbrooks Game Plan

Ch Almond Joy of Southwynd CD

Ch Starstuffs Little Red Corvette
E20373 DL49769701

Ch Manchado Crazy Horse CDX STDc OTDds

Ch Casa Buena Sassy Streaker CD

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